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We are a team of specialized translators and linguists, focused on providing tailor-made solutions for international business communication, encompassing everything from a personal task to a company-wide project.

Quality Languaje Solutions

An essential ally for successful international communication

QLS provides the highest level of professional Spanish <> English language support and translation solutions to enable our individual, corporate and institutional clients to overcome the challenges of international communication and operations.

From document translation and business proposal review to website creation and marketing content copywriting, QLS provides the peace of mind of  ensuring effective communication so that our clients can focus on growing their business.

Our values

  • Maximum quality of personalized service.
  • Combining the human touch of our professional team with the use of the latest technologies in project management and quality control.
  • Responsibility and strict compliance with delivery dates.
  • Strict adherence to professional ethics and regulatory compliance.
  • Absolute confidentiality regarding client data and documentation.
  • Focus on the specific needs and preferences of the client.
  • Clear and efficient communication with the client.

Commitment to continuous improvement.

The importance of relying on a professional team of translators and linguists

QLS provides its clients with the added value of having a professional team formed exclusively by certified English<>Spanish translators and linguists, with technical subject-matter knowledge in different specialities. The language support solutions provided by QLS help our clients ensure effective corporate communication and helps them improve their efficiency by allowing their experts and staff to concentrate on operational tasks while having the support of QLS to overcome language barriers.

Traits of our team:

  • It is formed by professional English <> Spanish translators and linguists with the shared goal of providing excellent services in relation to translation, copywriting, proofreading and specialized language training.
  • All members have a university degree and our translators are registered with the Buenos Aires Sworn Translators Association (CTPCBA).
  • We bring professional training and experience to the table, which place us in an unparalleled position to provide the highest quality solutions for institutional or corporate communication both in English and Spanish.
Sworn Translator Literary and Specialty Translator Specialization:
  • Economics and Finance
  • Business communication
  • Marketing
  • Legal translation
  • Digital Transformation
Sworn Translator Literary and Specialty Translator University Professor Specialization:
  • Business Communication
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing
Licentiate in English Language University Professor of English Language – Faculty of Sworn Translation and Interpreting – UMSA Author of: Contrastive Discourse Analysis Specialization:
  • Corporate Communication
  • Design and implementation of business communication training
Sworn Translator Scientific-technical translator Specialist in legal translation Interpreter

Our main objective

QLS aims to be the bridge that allows our clients to address the challenges and access the opportunities inherent to an international business context.

Whether through the translation of personal and corporate documents, the presentation of products and services, the dissemination of information or simply through continuous language support regarding institutional or business communication, QLS has a solution tailored to your needs.

Our team consists exclusively of professional linguists with university degrees. In addition to having ample experience in copywriting, proofreading and translating all types of texts and documents, each member of our team has specific subject-matter knowledge in various areas of specialization.

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