Work process

QLS applies a carefully designed work process that allows us not only to provide the highest quality of translation and proofreading but also to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information and the documentation provided by our clients.

Our work process

● The client request a quotation for the Spanish<>English translation of a document through our website or email address.
● A professional translator from the QLS team assesses the text to be translated in terms of topic area, level of technical complexity, length, specific project requirements, and delivery date.
● The Project Manager and the translator specializing in the topic matter contribute to the assessment, and a quotation is then drawn up and sent to the client for approval.
● The client approves the quotation
● The Project Manager sets up a team that will be responsible for the project and assigns roles and tasks to the professionals involved in the translation, terminological research and the final revision of the text or document at stake.
● The Project Manager takes active part in the progress of the project and maintains steadfast communication with the client throughout the entire process. The PM collaborates with the professionals involved to guarantee a homogeneous application of the translation criterion and strict compliance with the delivery dates.
● Once the translation has been completed, the translated text is subjected to three stages of revision:

(i) Digital revision using last generation specialized software
(ii) Thorough revision by the translator in charge
(iii) Final detailed revision by another member of the QLS team of professional translators
The translated and revised text is duly delivered to the client.

Technology Platform

In line with the opportunities and demands currently posed by digital transformation, QLS places key emphasis in the application of the latest technological tools to help us ensure both the efficiency of our work process and the ease of communication with our clients.
For this purpose, QLS uses a last generation integrated IT solution platform that ensures the efficient management of all the services we provide.
All our translation and proofreading projects are backed by specialized software for managing projects, unified term bases and style guides, as well as document review processes and quality control.
In every case, we apply a unified protocol for the management of client’s files and information which ensures the safety and confidentiality of our client’s documents and data.