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English<>Spanish professional translation services

Don’t expose your business to the risks associated with amateur translations. Only professional translations can guarantee the technical precision that your corporate and institutional documents require.

QLS offers the added value of having a professional team, made up exclusively of English<>Spanish Certified Sworn Translators, combining linguistic excellence and thorough technical knowledge in our various fields of specialization.

Areas of specialization:

● Business documentation – company registration filings, informative regime compliance
● Personal Documentation – Résumés, passports, certificates, university diplomas and transcripts.
● Economics and Finance – Financial reporting, investments, capital management
● International trade & Cross-border operations
● Tax and Accounting – reporting, informative regime compliance
● Corporate documents: company bylaws, contracts, audit reports,
minutes of shareholders’ meetings, among others

● Civil law notarial documents: deeds, contracts of sale, authorizations, powers of attorney, among others


● Engineering – Sustainable building, Green Building, Intelligent Buildings (BMS), LEED certification filings
● Digital marketing
● Digital economy
● Digital transformation
● Software and mobile app localization
● Website localization
● Digital content
● E-commerce
● Renewable energy

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