QLS correccion de textos

Communications with third parties are a key aspect of corporate and institutional image, especially as regards to organizations’ international operations. The proofreading service provided by QLS allows our clients to meet the needs and challenges in corporate communication facing companies as they manage their relationship with foreign clients and drive the expansion of their business across borders.

The linguistic support provided by QLS seeks to ensure the high quality of our clients’ corporate communication and to help them improve corporate efficiency by allowing their experts and staff to concentrate on operational tasks while they rely on QLS to help them overcome language barriers that may otherwise have a critical impact on day-to-day operations.

How does it work?

Our service entails performing professional proofreading and editing in terms of grammar, terminology, syntax, and style of each piece of communication drafted by our clients both in English and Spanish. This includes everything from daily correspondence with English or Spanish speaking clients (emails, reports, technical advice, etc.) to marketing content or websites, publications, blogs, newsletters, among other texts.

How to hire this service

On demand – Specific projects: If you need a text or document to be proofread, for example a contract, website or publication, please follow these steps:

  • Request a quotation.
  • QLS will send you a quotation and a proposed delivery date
  • Confirm your acceptance of the quote
  • QLS will deliver the professionally revised document on the agreed date.

Continuous support – Monthly basis: Our service entails real-time continuous support in proofreading all the documentation and correspondence drafted in English or Spanish by our clients as part of their daily operations. The monthly cost of the service is adjusted to fit your average monthly word count, and can escalate as your business grows and you needs increase.
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